Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Algoa Toastmasters club is on fire, not the flaming type of fire we have witnessed in our country for a while now to get the authorities’ attention. Sometimes all you have to do to get what you want, in our beautiful country, is to burn something and then the powers that be - finally listen. I am sure you would agree that this is not the way to go, but what about Algoa Toastmasters?

We have been on fire, there has been interest shown in our club as far as social media is concerned, we have witnessed a plethora of guests at our meetings. As our VP Education would say; Toastmasters is not a meeting, it is an Event; great metaphor to use and more accurate too.
At the Algoa Toastmasters club we have a burning desire to serve you, to lift you up. That is not what we set up to be or to do, it is the culture that has been adopted by everyone involved -  now that is red-hot.  When you are at the Algoa Toastmasters club, it sometimes feels as if you are at Steers or Spur, because you get that sizzling feeling!! 

I hope I am not getting your hunger temperature on a high here, but when you get to the Event -  Colleen Love would have already serviced your flames, with the liquids she sets up so beautifully at each Event. Now let me move away from the scorching talking, as I am sure by now that your mind is boiling by all of this fiery words, but I must admit that right now the words are just steaming in on this sweltering Blue Monday. It is literally blue - there are no clouds in the sky.
No worries - the Algoa Toastmasters club has not been roasted – but do you feel the heat in here? Let me warm up this read by saying that the Algoa Toastmasters has your interest at heart, to such an extent that it subsidizes your fees where possible. This is done by various activities outside of our club such as the Youth Leadership Programmes. Recently the club also started an additional Event in the month to accommodate your speeches and the members are there to serve you fully.
While some fires are accidental as witnessed in the Western Cape over this summer on many occasions, and some are intentional as witnessed in our beautiful country over the years, let Algoa Toastmasters club continue to shine by having the fire inside of us, and exude the passion and enthusiasm.
Let us be a light to all the negative intentional fire starters out there and empathize with all the accidental fires. Until next time my beautiful candles…….

Waven Korkie