Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Are you planning to do the following in 2017?

  •  Boost your confidence?
  •  Confront your fear of speaking in public?
  •   Learn to think on your feet?

Algoa Toastmasters Club is the right place for you!!!!

Members of the public are invited to join the Algoa Toastmasters Speechcraft Course to be held over 8 evenings in 2017

Dates :      To be confirmed in 2017

Venue :      Caritas Community Centre
       West Street, Newton Park,
       between 2nd  & 3rd Avenues
      Newton Park

 Time :        17.45 for 18.00 until 20.00

For Enquiries and Reservations phone: Colleen Love 082 570 8079
Cost: R1200 per person
Includes manual, course notes, and certificate

Increase in self confidence  -  Priceless

Sunday, August 28, 2016



Boost your confidence !
Confront your fear of speaking in public !
Learn to think on your feet !

Algoa Toastmasters Club
Invites members of the public to join their
Speechcraft Course, to be held over 8 evenings

20 beginners will gain practical training and
experience in making effective presentations,
evaluating constructively, and leading meetings.

Dates :      Wednesday 7th September 2016 until
        Wednesday 26th October 2016 

                                  Venue :      Caritas Community Centre
           West Street, Newton Park,
            between 2nd  & 3rd Avenues
Newton Park

                                   Time :        17.45 for 18.00 until 20.00

For Enquiries and Reservations phone :
Colleen Love 082 570 8079
Cost : R1200 per person
Includes manual, course notes, and certificate

Increase in self confidence  -  Priceless

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Algoa Toastmasters Humourous /Impromptu Contest

The Algoa Toastmasters Club members went out guns blazing and gave it their all in the club's speaking contest that was held on 23 August 2016. The programme was packed and full of fun. Thank you to all the eager beavers who participated in the contest, the Chief Judge Ricky Woods and all her judges.

Igor Leskor, you did a sterling job as the contest Chair, you were magnificent. Waven Korkie it was truly an auspicious evening our contest Sgt at arms.

The following contestants took part in the Impromptu contest:

Don’t Worry be Happy”
  • Angie Kivido
  • Belita von Steiger
  • Glennis Whitehead
  •  Marlene van Wyk
  •  Nicholas Mitchell
  • Warren Tagg

The following contestants took part in the Humorous contest:
  •  Belita von Steiger – “Century of the woman?”
  •  Glennis Whitehead – “It's a dog's life”
  • Marlene Vosloo – “Yes my dear”
  •    Nicholas Mitchell - “A day in the life of a dad of 6”
  •    Zanele Hartmann –“Top Deck”

Congratulations to the following Toastmasters who won both the impromptu and humorous speech’s
  •  Marlene van Wyk- Placed first in both Impromptu and Humorous
  •  Nicholas Mitchell - Placed second in both Impromptu and Humorous
  •   Glennis Whitehead - Placed third in both Impromptu and Humorous

Glennis Whitehead’s favourite quote isKeep your face always towards the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind Walt Whitman.

This is exactly what Algoa Toastmasters teaches us, to always keep our faces towards the sunshine. 

Please visit our Algoa Toastmasters Facebook Page at

Marlene and Nicholas all the best and good luck for the Area Contest this coming Saturday (27 August 2016)

Be Blessed
Zanele Hartmann

Monday, August 15, 2016



Area E1 Toastmasters gathered for their 2016 WinterCon on Saturday 13 August, at the Whitehead Ward, Victoria Park Grey Primary School. The theme was Operation Vitality.

The training was lead by the Area Director and (Surgeon-in Chief) Dr Marianah Lourens and her two (Head Surgeons) Dr Marlene Van Wyk, Dr Glenis Whitehead and (Shift Nurse) Sister Angie Kivido.

The Area 1 WinterCon training consisted of the following three surgical teams:
  1.            Operation Heartbeat
  2.      Stat Squad
  3.      After Smile

Dr Van Wyk presented each of the three surgical teams with their trauma for the day. The Banana Trauma, each team was requested to operate on their patient and ensure the safety and recovery of the patient.

The banana represented a patient and a Toastmasters club. Teams had to operate in a manner that enabled the patient to be put back together. Surgical teams gave it their all, deliberating on how to operate the sick patient in time and what it took to save the patients life (never underestimate the power of a sick or should I rather say traumatic banana).

Now you might ask yourself why would Toastmasters be busy operating on bananas?  The answer is to demonstrate teamwork. The purpose of the excise was to enable members to understand the purpose and importance of team work in any situation and our clubs are no different.

The morning continued with the Doctors sharing insights at to why individuals should join Toastmasters, how guests should be looked after in club meetings, what should happening during club meetings and lastly how we should ensure that we retain Toastmasters as members. (Surgeon-in Chief) Dr Marianah Lourens shared the WIF concept with the team;

W- Wear your badge
I- Invite people
F- Follow up

The training today yet again demonstrated that Toastmasters is not about toasting champagne or wine it is about helping individual be better versions of themselves in a safe, friendly loving environment.

In the words of Dr Marlene Van Wyk “We are an international group of people who want to get better”

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Be Blessed
Zanele Hartmann

Disclaimer: All the members who attended the WinterCon are not professional Doctors it was only for the purpose of the training and theme Operation Vitality. That is why one the surgeons (club member) could eat the patient (banana) afterwards (the joys of toastmasters.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Algoa Toastmasters Club Meeting: 26 July 2016

Make Tonight Matter

The Algoa Toastmasters held another impressive meeting on 26 July 2016.


Denise Pudney conducted the meeting efficiently and in a friendly manner, she ensured that the meeting ran smoothly and “auspiciously”

Table Topics Sessions:

Mimi Makupula conducted the Table Topics session; the theme was “The Joys of Growing Pains”. Toastmasters and visitors shared their experiences of the good old days including when parents could spank their children and it was not considered child abuse.

Prepared Speeches

Angela Rogers (CC2) on “The Secret of Getting Ahead Is Getting Started….” a topic about speech writer’s block. Angela’s speech was evaluated by Warren Tagg

Deborah Stephenson (ACB6) speaking to inform abstract speech titled “Be Aware for Some Its There” Deborah’s speech was evaluated by Tom Horne

Glenis Whitehead (ACS5) with the title “Motoring in Scotland’ speaking from the entertaining speaker manual, assignment 4. Glenis’s speech was evaluated by Marlene Van Wyk

Toastmasters, is about team effort and at every meeting we have role players. The role players for the meeting included:

Time Keeper: Roger Ah Kuhn
Um and Ah Counter: Zikhona Mfingwana
Grammarian: Zanele Hartmann
General Evaluator: Igor Leskor


Best Table Topics: Warren Tagg
Top Toastie: Igor Leskor

In the beautiful words of our visitor Malibongwe during Table Topics “Living to fight another day”

At Algoa Toastmasters we are not only living to fight another day, we also “living to attend another meeting”.

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Be Blessed
Zanele Hartmann