Thursday, July 21, 2016

Algoa Toastmasters Club Meeting: 12 July 2016

The Algoa Toastmasters held another amazing meeting last week:


Warren did an outstanding job as the Toastmaster for the evening. He truly made the evening “gaiety”

Table Topics Sessions:

Deborah Stephenson is an avid hiker who enjoys trails, nature and the outdoors and she took us through one of her hiking trips via Table Topics. This brought up a range of funny topics varying from hiking boots, blue skies, bible verses and others I shall not mention (parental guidance advised).

Prepared Speeches

·     Waven Korkie (CC6) on “Are You Going Fast or Slow” teaching us that everything is about process and the process leads us to who we need to become.

·        Mimi Makupula (ASC6) spoke about “Fat” sharing that we are the host of our souls regardless of body or colour and that the body is the house.

·      Nicholas Mitchell (Repeating CC1) spoke about “Learning One Step At A time” citing Aristotle “Knowledge of self is the beginning of freedom”



Best Table Topics: Denise Pudney
Top Toastie: Angela Rogers

Nicholas concluded his speech by saying “I am a working progress”

We are all a working progress at Algoa Toastmasters!

Be Blessed
Zanele Hartmann

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Algoa Toastmasters Club Meeting: 28 June 2016

The celebrations and festivities continued at the Algoa Toastmasters Club following the installation dinner with Angela Rogers a.k.a Perfectionist Duracell Bunny completing her first speech from the Competent Communicator (CC1) Manual, the Ice Breaker. From Angela’s speech we learnt how much she values the importance of hard work and support. It comes as no surprise that she loves to help others learn more. Angela elaborates that “The more I see results the harder I push”. I really strive to try and make a difference every day and to touch people’s live. Congratulations and well done Angela.

Our new President 2016/2017 Reinhardt Botha was the second speaker for the evening. Reinhardt is motivated by seeing people become better versions of themselves, his Educational Speech on Goal Setting and Planning from the Leadership Excellence Series was very fitting for the evening. Reinhardt explained how writing goals down enables us an opportunity of achieving them. He further explained that to in order to be successful in goal setting our goals need to be Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic and Time bound.

A big thank you to Warren Tagg who was our Table Topics Master for the evening. All present at the meeting participated with “Alacrity” (thanks Zikhona Mfingwana) for adding the alacrity to our word basket.

Congratulations to the following Toasties!!!

Roger Ah Kun: Best Table Topics Speaker
Zikhona Mfingwana: Top Toastie 

Algoa Toastmasters 56th Induction Dinner

The Algoa Toastmasters Club gathered for a celebration on the evening of the 24th of June 2016 at the PE Women’s Club Summerstrand. The club celebrated its 56th Induction Dinner and it was an “auspicious” event filled with warmth and love. The evening kick started with a call to order by Waven Korkie followed by a warm welcome by Angie Kivido (President 2015/2016).

MC Colleen Love: Photograph by Deborah Stephenson

The MC for the evening was Collen Love who kept us entertained and informed us of what lay ahead during the evening. The food was absolutely delicious Tuna Mousse for Starters, followed by Beef and Yorkshire Pudding and vegetables as the main course. Last but not least Lemon Meringue for dessert.

In true Toastmasters style, there was a guest speaker for the evening, Riga Vermaak who herself used to be a Toastmaster graced the stage as the guest speaker for the evening. She educated us on what real food is and highlighted the importance of understanding and knowing what we put into our bodies. Following Riga’s speech it was time for the presentation of the 2015/2016 awards. Congratulations to the following Toastmasters received awards for year 2015/2016.

                                                                                                                                         Toastmasters Awards winners 2015/2016: Photograph by Deborah Stephenson 
         Marianah Lourens - Community Service Award

          Roger Ah Kun - Most Improved Speaker

          Zikona Mfingwana - Toastmaster Of The Year

          Reinhardt Botha - Most Improved Evaluator

          Zanele Hartmann -Most Enthusiast Toastmaster

          Tom Horne - The Mentorship Award 

The final segment of the evening was the induction of Club Executive Officers for the year 2016/2017 by Tom Horne.

Angie Kivido and Reinhardt Botha (Immediate Past  President and President): Photograph by Deborah Stephenson
The new President Reinhardt Botha made a very insightful speech and what stood out most from his speech was when he said, “In Toastmasters I found a place where everybody wants to learn”

Let us continue to Learn, let us continue to Teach, and let us continue to Lead.

To have a sneak peak at how beautiful the evening was and just how beautiful Algoa Toastmasters were on that “auspicious” evening please visit our facebook page::

Be Blessed

Zanele Hartmann