Thursday, July 21, 2016

Algoa Toastmasters Club Meeting: 12 July 2016

The Algoa Toastmasters held another amazing meeting last week:


Warren did an outstanding job as the Toastmaster for the evening. He truly made the evening “gaiety”

Table Topics Sessions:

Deborah Stephenson is an avid hiker who enjoys trails, nature and the outdoors and she took us through one of her hiking trips via Table Topics. This brought up a range of funny topics varying from hiking boots, blue skies, bible verses and others I shall not mention (parental guidance advised).

Prepared Speeches

·     Waven Korkie (CC6) on “Are You Going Fast or Slow” teaching us that everything is about process and the process leads us to who we need to become.

·        Mimi Makupula (ASC6) spoke about “Fat” sharing that we are the host of our souls regardless of body or colour and that the body is the house.

·      Nicholas Mitchell (Repeating CC1) spoke about “Learning One Step At A time” citing Aristotle “Knowledge of self is the beginning of freedom”



Best Table Topics: Denise Pudney
Top Toastie: Angela Rogers

Nicholas concluded his speech by saying “I am a working progress”

We are all a working progress at Algoa Toastmasters!

Be Blessed
Zanele Hartmann

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