Friday, August 5, 2016

Algoa Toastmasters Club Meeting: 26 July 2016

Make Tonight Matter

The Algoa Toastmasters held another impressive meeting on 26 July 2016.


Denise Pudney conducted the meeting efficiently and in a friendly manner, she ensured that the meeting ran smoothly and “auspiciously”

Table Topics Sessions:

Mimi Makupula conducted the Table Topics session; the theme was “The Joys of Growing Pains”. Toastmasters and visitors shared their experiences of the good old days including when parents could spank their children and it was not considered child abuse.

Prepared Speeches

Angela Rogers (CC2) on “The Secret of Getting Ahead Is Getting Started….” a topic about speech writer’s block. Angela’s speech was evaluated by Warren Tagg

Deborah Stephenson (ACB6) speaking to inform abstract speech titled “Be Aware for Some Its There” Deborah’s speech was evaluated by Tom Horne

Glenis Whitehead (ACS5) with the title “Motoring in Scotland’ speaking from the entertaining speaker manual, assignment 4. Glenis’s speech was evaluated by Marlene Van Wyk

Toastmasters, is about team effort and at every meeting we have role players. The role players for the meeting included:

Time Keeper: Roger Ah Kuhn
Um and Ah Counter: Zikhona Mfingwana
Grammarian: Zanele Hartmann
General Evaluator: Igor Leskor


Best Table Topics: Warren Tagg
Top Toastie: Igor Leskor

In the beautiful words of our visitor Malibongwe during Table Topics “Living to fight another day”

At Algoa Toastmasters we are not only living to fight another day, we also “living to attend another meeting”.

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Be Blessed
Zanele Hartmann

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