Thursday, October 28, 2010

26 October 2010 – Names, superheroes and Bruce Lee’s nail polish

The Toastmaster-for-the-evening was the quick witted Michael Warren who stepped into the role at short notice.

He entertained the Club with the remarkable history of personal names and revealed the origins of many members' names.

The Table Topics Master for the night was Colleen Love who borrowed the format from regular guest and recent Speechcraft graduate, Jason Schoeman. Participants were asked to draw a name of a superhero and an object to use as a weapon.

Nicholas Mitchell was a Powderpuff Girl who strangled his enemies with a pair of jeans; giving new meaning to the term: "crimes of denim".

Thomas Duthie gave his Incredible Hulk a Bronx-accent and armed the green beast with a cake of soap.

Toastmaster Michael Warren made a turn as the Karate Kid who found he could do more damage wielding a handbag.

There were two prepared speakers for the evening: Reinhardt Botha and Craig Stephenson.

Reinhardt gave his audience a different perspective on the whipping
boy of the Internet Age: mobile phone usage in schools. He argued that instead of educators dismissing their use as in irritant, mobile social media should be embraced as the next generation of educational technology.

Craig Stephenson delivered his third instalment in a speaking series on travel planning.

Nicholas Mitchell presented an educational on evaluating prepared speeches. He offered essential advice on how evaluators can provide a critical analysis of a speech while still buoying a speaker's self-confidence.

Chenielle Badenhorst delivered the Toast of the Day and toasted to the creative entrepreneurship needed to solve South Africa's chronic unemployment problem.

Last week's Top Toastie recipient Jason Schoeman awarded the floating trophy to Marianah Lourens for the support and advice she has imparted to him. It was a one two punch for Marianah who also picked up the Best Table Topics trophy for her turn as a nail polish wielding Bruce Lee.

The next meeting is on Tuesday, 9 November.

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