Sunday, October 4, 2015

TO:         Mr and Madame Toastmaster, fellow toastmasters, “oh, and especially our guests”!

I love many things in life, music is one of them, actually, I am a music junky or fanatic. I have always told myself and friends who were willing to listen to my crazy stories that I would pay R 1000 for Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and the likes whilst they were still alive. They passed away unfortunately and have now joined the choir of angels.
Still though, I would still pay a fortune for the likes of Celine Deon, Usher and Beyonce’, to mention but a few.

My brother would pay his whole salary to attend any workshop if he knew it would be hosted by his hero, Carl Lewis. “That one is a sports mad dog, if you know what I mean".

Well, before I joined Toastmasters, I did not know that there were champion Speakers!! I have no doubt that if you:
  • Were Born in the 70’s ie before when children were seen and not heard
  • Are a Sales Consultant and would love to improve you speaking and bring in those dollars for your company
  • Want to brush up on your communication skills
  • Are or have been a toastmaster for while

I know you would like to meet, your own hero. “Well who am I talking about”? DRUM ROLL............

He is none other than, yes, the one and only, a 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking, Mr. Lance Miller!!!

See you on Tuesday!!!

Thandi Swekile

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