Thursday, January 28, 2016

Do you ever get that feeling where you had a long day, feel fatigue and have to deal with all kinds of stress? And then you ask yourself, do I really need to go to Toastmasters tonight?

Well, if you never had this feeling before, stop your dishonesty right now!

It was one of those days for me, but with the usual twist. The MC of the evening showered us with a plethora of inspiring quotes and spread it evenly throughout the evening. The fun part of the evening started, also known as Table Topics. If, like me, your heart rate goes up immediately and you start looking around for a doctor, but there is usually none, and speaking of the cuff is what you ought to do, but then you suddenly feel on a high, not the kinda high Plaxedes was speaking about, you know, the legalizing of Dagga, but rather being lifted up.

A long day suddenly becomes too short of a night, fat-ique is turned into fat-laughs, stressed is turn in to blessed. All the speeches were amazing, some of us might be aware that Warren Buffet tap dances to work, but who would have thought that Roger Ah Khun, would Ballroom dance into his speech! His demonstration, moves and education about dance altered my perception. Did you know that dancing can reduce risks of dementia by more than 70%, compared to most exercises, swimming, and even your favorite crossword puzzles? There you have it; your mind is a dance.

After that speech, the crowd felt like they are being hit in the stomach, because when Igor speaks, we should know by now that he will hold no punches, and I am not sugar-coating things here. Yes my dear friends, who would have thought that you can do a CC9 ‘’persuade with power’’ speech with packets of sugar. A very powerful speech that altered my perception of sugar? No more sugar- mommies for me.

Glenis Whitehead brought back the laughs with a wonderful entertaining speech; I thought I was at a standup-up comedy show, a free one I might add, well that is if you are a guest. I’m sure her brilliance is included in my dues. This was Glenis at her best. 

We had so many guests at the event, I thought I was going to sit on someone’s shoulders and neck, and all of them said that they were pleasantly surprised and would like to come back, which means I might sit on a neck next time! Oh well, I always wanted to be a kid again.

Everyone played their role magnificently, with our Madam President leading from the front and the back. When you are at a low point, always rise to the occasion, dig deep, go look for that upliftment and find your high point again. When you are on a high though, I suggest you keep on smoking, so that you don’t hit that low point again. 

What a great night…until next time….
Waven Korkie

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