Thursday, September 29, 2016

Algoa Toastmasters Club Meeting: 27 September 2016

Algoa Toastmasters Club Meeting: 27 September 2016

Blessed Club

The Algoa Toastmasters held another meeting on 27 September 2016 and we had an impressive number of visitors, ten (10) visitors in total. Thank you all for visiting Algoa Toastmasters.


Zanele Hartmann conducted the meeting efficiently and in a friendly manner, she ensured that the meeting ran smoothly.

Table Topics Sessions:

Melissa Awu, our newest member conducted the Table Topics session; the theme was “Going Back to School”.  Very interesting stories came up. Well done Melissa.

Prepared Speeches

Deborah Stephenson (ACB7) on “Joe” Deborah was praising Joseph Pilates the founder of the physical fitness system Pilates. Toastmasters and guests even got to participate in a breathing exercise. Deborah’s speech was evaluated by Glenis Whitehead

Mimi Makupula (ACS8) humorous speech titled “Think on your feet” Mimi must please not fall. Roll up your window next time please. Mimi’s speech was evaluated by Christopher Callaghan

Christopher Callaghan (A visiting Toastmaster from the Pretoria East Toastmasters club) delivered a humorous speech that he did in a competition with the title “The Life of a Granddad” Christopher’s speech kept us entertained two words; ganja and mama. The speech was not evaluated.

The role players for the meeting included:

Time Keeper: Natalie van Aardt
Um and Ah Counter: Angela Rogers
Grammarian: Belita von Steiger
General Evaluator: Marianah Lourens

Toast: Malibongwe Nombande delivered a fitting Toast for the evening. Well done and thank you Malibongwe


Best Table Topics: Our visitor Emmi
Top Toastie: Mimi Makuphula

After such a fun filled, humorous meeting I leave you with the 5B’s; big, bold, and beautiful and…. (boobs and bums) J, thanks Mimi.

We are indeed a Blessed Club.

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Be Blessed
Zanele Hartmann

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