Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Words worth repeating - 22 February 2011

The meeting started with a warm welcome from President Glenis to all the members, and especially to our guests, namely Sister Lucia, Peter Peters and Derran Koch. Peter Peters has indicated that he will be joining our Club so we look forward to inducting him in the near future.

In the business section of the meeting a report was given by Colleen Love, about the Club Officer Training, which Glenis, Craig, Plaxcedes, Tom and she attended last Saturday morning. This was a very interesting morning as a presentation called “Just One” was given by Megan Judd from the Act Toastmasters Club. This was all about how just one SMS, just one email, just one smile, or just one kind word can make a difference to the people around us. This can be applied to both our private and business worlds.

The theme chosen by Toastmaster Louise Erasmus was “Quotes” which she used to introduce the various people performing duties on the programme. Some of the quotes used were “Happier the time, the quicker it goes”, “The most precious things in speech are pauses” and Louise introduced the Topicmaster, Rhona Murchie, with the quote “Let me entertain you”.

Toastmasters who present Table Topics come up with some really fascinating subjects. This time the participants were given the name of a celebrity and they had to tell us what they would like to say to that individual if they met them face to face. Some of the celebrities were Oprah Winfrey, Meryl Streep, Hitler and Beyonce. But most hilarity was caused when Sister Lucia got the Holy Father, the Pope, as her celebrity!!

Word of the day was “Perseverance” as in this day and age, people give up too easily and do not carry tasks to completion. This was presented by Marlene van Wyk, who was wearing two hats for the evening. The first hat was as a member of Algoa Club and the second was as the Area Governor.

The first speech of the evening was delivered by our Treasurer, Placxedes Ndhlovu, entitled “Smart advice……. use it!” This was a CC5 speech evaluated by Alison Immelman. Placxedes encouraged her audience to differentiate between good and bad advice. She shared the following points as good advice:
1) Be a buffalo who charges towards and embraces difficult situations
2) Organize the small to make way for the large.
3) When feeling sorry for yourself help someone else
4) Wear comfortable shoes
5) Take care of your body

Mimi Makupula was the second speaker with her CC7 speech entitled “The Revolution”. In this speech Mimi gave an account of the last six years of her life in 6 minutes. She described the different stages through which one goes after losing a loved one, i.e. denial, illusion, anger, depression and finally acceptance. For every situation in which we find ourselves we should ask, “What can I learn from this?” For every adversity there is a seed sown, which causes happiness.

Quinton Jacobs presented an educational on Selecting the Right Topic for all Occasions. He was very aptly introduced by Louise with the following quote, “You do not need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows”. This presentation was very informative, with Quinton demonstrating easy use of the projector and screen.

The Club Officer Roles presentation was done by President Glenis. In a manner which even the guests could understand, she explained the significance of the different roles. Toast of the Day to “ Our First Ice Breaker” was done by Debbie Stephenson and the evaluations by Alison Immelman and Denise Pudney were done in a constructive manner, with a lot of good advice for the speakers. The Toastmaster, Louise, ended the evening with the quote “They think it’s all over, it is”.

Members are reminded that the Area Speech Competitions will take place on Saturday morning 5th March at Victoria Park Grey School . The meeting ended a little after 8pm but once again a very entertaining and enjoyable evening was had by all present. Take care and see you all at the next meeting on Tuesday 8th March 2011.


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